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In recent years, our long-time dream about hunting expeditions to distant, often exotic countries was continually changing into reality. Memories and experience from the wilderness in various parts of the world exceeded all our expectations. We have gained valuable experience in learning about hunting culture, customs and specificities of different countries and continents. Entering the worldwide leading hunting  clubs, we opened a new dimension for hunting  in the most important hunting destinations in the world, particularly in dream Africa. It is also our commitment in terms of global hunting ethics, environmental protection and the rights of real sportsmen.

Best places for hunters, from hunters.

Based on the abovementioned facts, by this family managed hunting agency, we decided to enable you to experience the unusual adventure of big game and dangerous game hunting with everything it implies. Not only can you get the valuable trophy, but, above all, you gain hunting experience for your lifetime. We organize hunting trips on five continents.

Some of the trophies are very hard to get, but the experience and memories are more precious and unforgettable. In particular, dangerous game hunting requires careful preparation of hunters not only technical equipment, but also health and fitness side (physical and mental), to minimize the risk of hunting.

We really appreciate the beauty of habitat conditions and possibilities of hunting in Central Europe. By organizing hunting adventures for foreign hunters, we have the ambition to offer services of highest quality, memorable hunting experience, valuable trophies and, last but not least, the possibility for our guests to get to know our region, which, in the majority, is unknown to them.